The World War 1 coloring book for grown ups

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A coloring book for some serious coloring. For grown-up World War 1 – collectors or -amateurs or all those interested. This allows anyone to really immerse oneself in the events and circumstances of the time.
A nice and original addition to any WW1 collection, or a nice present for those who are either interested in the 1914-1918 history or just adult coloring enthousiasts.

Contents / coloring plates:

  • French soldiers in a bayonet charge, up a steep slope
  • Artillery at the battle at Chemin des dames, France
  • Soldier and messenger dog
  • Soldier and horse wearing gas masks
  • German observation balloon at Equancourt, France, 1916
  • Austrian / Hungarian 305mm Skoda-gun
  • Fallen German soldier attended by Canadian soldiers, Vimy, 1917
  • Battleground near Verdun
  • Langer Max gun
  • Men dragging heavy artillery along mud road
  • Trench with humans after the blast
  • Christmas truce, men meeting as men
  • Gas grenades and gas mask
  • German tank
  • Connect the dots, what is in the trench?
  • Wounded and dead soldiers

We produce coloring plates since 2007, now those on World War 1 are collected for you in this original coloring book.

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